Who we are

Taking A Holistic approach to Dog Walking & Training


SCV Pack Walk offers Dog Training for problematic behaviors and socialization for young dogs in a non-traditional way; providing exercise and enrichment through a pack of balanced dogs, the dog’s natural and instinctive way to learn and grow.

Our Mission is to improve the lives of you and your dog in the most natural way possible!

Our Advantages

The Power of the Pack!

SCV Pack Walk is dedicated to the growth of you and your dog. Using a pack of dogs to both rehabilitate and socialize your four-legged friend is the most effective and efficient way to achieve long lasting results. Dogs are social animals just like us, so using other balanced dogs as a way of teaching is instinctual to them.

Our Services

Pack Walking

We exercise the mind, body, and soul of your dog. We explore Santa Clarita with the pack encountering squirrels, skateboards, barking dogs, cats, runners, and many other natural occurrences.

Dog Training

Communication is the key to bridge the gap between a dog and their owner. Rooted in Dog Psychology, we teach you how to understand your dog, communicate with them, and create the long lasting relationship we all want with our pets.


I was in an isle in hobby lobby and she was just laying at my feet… A woman said my husky would never be like that! I explained how she broke my foot just March of 2020 and how SCV PackWalk changed our lives! … Thank you, thank you! I don’t say it enough!
Brittany Swanson Charlie
The pack and training with SCV Pack Walk have been a huge game changer for us! We’ve gone from being afraid of walking our dog and how she will react to other dogs to bringing her everywhere with us. Love being able to see her explore the world with more confidence!”
Rebecca Gragas Lily

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference Stephanie with SCV Pack Walk has made in our daily walks and life with our new pup Banjo… Stephanie and Candice Shaffer you are seriously angels and your ability to help me work through this anxiety is something I can’t measure in thank yous.

Liz Carey Banjo

Thank you Stephanie and SCV Pack Walk for helping Remy become the best version of himself! So many Strangers stopped us yesterday and commented on how socialized he was for his age and it made me very proud. A couple people asked, “Does he ever bark?” He was a complete gentleman when other dogs barked at him.

Amy Aspiras Remy

The other day I was in my backyard with Gus, my daughter opened the side gate. We both saw a dog being walked on a leash in front of our house. Gus wasn’t on a leash, he barked and took a step toward the dog. I said “Gus let’s go,” and he followed me back into the house … I am so proud of him and so grateful for Stephanie at SCV Pack Walk for everything she taught me.

Stephanie Wolfe Gus