Our services target the fulfillment of the whole dog: mind, body, and soul.

The Mind – Understanding your dog and why they do what they do is the beginning to building a great relationship with your dog. Combining that with clear and consistent communication, and together you have the essence of Dog Psychology. 

The Body – Physical exercise is an important part of fulfilling the body. Coupling communication with essential movement adds another level to the connection and relationship. 

The Soul – Providing a balanced pack, family, or social group for your dog where they understand what’s expected and what to do when they are scared, nervous, excited, etc. gives them the safety and security of belonging. 


We offer a unique tuition-based approach that secures your place in our Pack, and optimizes your dog’s exercise and enrichment while maximizing value for our SCV Pack Walk customers.  Our tuition fee is calculated based on the number of dog walks per week, and is discounted if you participate in more walks or have multiple dogs.  We take pride in encouraging a consistent, active and healthy lifestyle for all our dogs and their owners!

Tuition is billed at the beginning of each month, and as a valued SCV Pack Walk customer, you can take advantage of our other optional services (overnight boarding, discounted 1-on-1 training, group classes, and more).

1 Dog Household Tuition (per month):

1 walk a week – $200
2 walks a week – $375
3 walks a week – $550
4 walks a week – $700
5 walks a week – $850

2 Dog Household Tuition (per month):

1 walk a week – $350
2 walks a week – $675
3 walks a week – $1,000
4 walks a week – $1,275
5 walks a week – $1,550

Dog transportation (pickup and dropoff) is included with the monthly tuition fee, and ad hoc dog walks (adding extra walks in case the desire or need comes up) is available for all our members.

Monthly tuition fees are non-refundable.  Should you need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment, we will make every effort to accommodate your dog(s) on a different date.

For interested customers with more than 2 dogs, or if you have additional questions about our pricing, please contact us via email by clicking here.

SCV Pack Walk 3 dog walkers and dogs on a morning walk